Turtles #10, #11 and #12

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Three more turtles have now entered the Turtle Relocation Program. In a nice change of pace (for us, but most especially for the turtles!), our dog Nikki did not bring these turtles into the den. In fact, Nikki was not involved at all.

I was in the summer office when I heard Turtle #12 walking through the leaves alongside the back of the house. About two weeks earlier, I heard #11 walking across the backyard basketball goal. As with all the turtles before, these new ones have found a nice new home in a wooded area, far from our back yard.

And that brings me to Turtle #10 (not pictured). Turtle #10 was not actually in our back yard. Turtle #10 was walking up our driveway, toward our house, about a month ago. Which makes me wonder. Was he one of the relocated turtles, finally making his way back home?

Some of you sharp-eyed readers have probably noticed that these turtle chronicles last mentioned Turtle #8. What happened to Turtle #9? Well, Nikki brought #9 into the den while we were on vacation last year. I don’t think the housesitter was in a frame of mind to take a picture.

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