This Is Not Not Marcelle

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Yes, I know the title has a double negative in it. And yes, I know double negatives are usually confusing to the reader. But there’s a really good reason for it.

It has to do with turtles.

Longtime readers of this blog know we have a multitude of box turtles — in the neighborhood in general and in my back yard specifically. I used to just count them (out of curiosity) and then relocate them away from my turtle-napping dog. Once Nikki grew up and lost interest, however, I let the turtles stay. And that’s when we started recognizing them by their markings and giving them real names.

The first one was “Marcelle.”

Then came “Not Marcelle.” Duh.

So, since the newest one is not Marcelle and not even Not Marcelle, she is called “Not Not Marcelle.”

I think Not Not Marcelle wants to escape the back yard. Or maybe she just wants to escape her cumbersome new name.

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