Turtle #5

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Nikki finds box turtles in the back yard – and brings them into the house. At first I simply picked them off the den floor and put them out the front door. Surely a turtle with any sense would move on. Albeit slowly.

But after Turtle #3, I began to wonder if the same turtle was coming back through the fence over and over. I mean, how many turtles can a yard have?

Apparently a lot.

With Turtle #4, we began a Turtle Relocation Program. Now each new turtle gets a free trip to a nice woodsy area, far away from Nikki. And our den.

Turtle #5 got quite the send-off this weekend, with my older daughter taking a series of artful photographs to document the occasion. She experimented with textures, colors, and depth of field.

My younger daughter took a picture, too: Turtle in a Driveway.
Turtle in Driveway

Surely there won’t be a Turtle #6.

EDITED TO ADD: And after I posted this yesterday, I learned it was World Turtle Day, founded to help people celebrate and protect turtles and tortoises. Who knew!

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