Why Nancy Drew Is Better Than You #2

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Nancy Drew SilhouetteNeed another example of why Nancy Drew is better than you?

In The Haunted Bridge, Nancy, Bess and George arrive at a cabin in the woods just as an old man emerges to go squirrel hunting. Unfortunately, his gun misfires and he is severely wounded. The girls quickly summon the house doctor from a nearby hotel, and he arrives at the same time as Carson Drew, Ned Nickerson and two of Ned’s college friends. In other words, four capable, able-bodied men.

“May I have some boiling water?” the physician requested at that moment, and Nancy flew to get it for him.

“Is the man badly injured?” she inquired anxiously as she watched the doctor work over the patient.

“H-m, can’t tell yet,” he murmured without glancing up. “There seems to be a piece of shell imbedded in his forehead. Will you take these instruments and boil them for me, please?”

As it became evident to the others that the doctor meant to remove the shell, they hastily retreated from the cabin. Nancy alone remained to assist the man of medicine.

“Have you a steady nerve?” he questioned her.

“I think so,” Nancy answered quietly.

The operation was not a pleasant thing to witness, but at last it was finished, and the doctor declared that the patient had an excellent chance to recover.

“Have you ever studied nursing?” he asked Nancy abruptly.

“Oh, no, I’ve had only training in first aid.”

“You seem to have missed your calling,” the doctor told her with a smile.

So there you have it. Nancy Drew has assisted with an operation. Have you?

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