Why Nancy Drew Is Better Than You #1

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Nancy Drew SilhouetteI can tell this will have to be a continuing series, so I might as well title it as such.

You see, Nancy Drew is the picture of perfection. She is ever so much more than you — or I — could ever dream of being. Almost every book offers at least one example of why this is true.

Usually, we realize this when she displays some hidden talent that we didn’t know she had. But sometimes it is she herself — her physical self — that is so much superior.

Here’s one of my favorite examples of why Nancy Drew is better than you.


“Just s-see what was making for you!” Bess quavered, still shaken from the close call her friend had had.

Dramatically she pointed to the huge snake. At sight of it, Nancy shuddered involuntarily. Though a bite from the copperhead would not have been fatal to one in such good health as herself, it would have been painful and required medical attention.

The Clue in the Crumbling Wall, 1945 edition

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