Happy Book Lovers Day!

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Books on BookshelfIt’s Book Lovers Day! Not only is it a perfect day to celebrate my favorite books – the Nancy Drew Mysteries – but it’s also a wonderful day to celebrate bookstores.

Most of us book lovers would drive to a bookstore. Or walk to one. Or even take the subway to one. But who among us would actually borrow a boat to visit one? Nancy Drew, that’s who!

In The Mysterious Mannequin, Ned comes to pick up Nancy for a date.

“You haven’t forgotten our trip up the river by motorboat to that unusual bookshop?”

“No indeed,” Nancy answered. “In fact, I’ve been thinking that perhaps I could pick up some books on Turkish rugs.”

Nancy and Ned motor upriver. And yes, the bookshop was just as unusual as Ned said it was.

It was a quaint structure with its own docking facilities, where customers tied up their craft and went inside to make their purchases. As Nancy entered, she said, “What an amazing place! I’ve never seen so many books in such a small area.”

Ned smiled. “The owner brags that he has a copy of almost every current book and also some that are out of print or rare.”

Sounds like a lovely date, doesn’t it? A quaint bookshop, a picnic along the way. But of course, the trip is not without its perils.

Ned did not reply because at that moment a boat with three twelve year old boys, one a reckless pilot, was bearing straight down on them.

“Crazy kids!” Ned muttered as he swerved sharply to avoid the other craft. He yelled at them, “Look where you’re going!”

Oh, Ned. Next thing you know, you’ll be yelling at the neighborhood kids to stay off your grass!

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