Blog in Review 2016

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CalendarsSo, the end of the year is upon us. Time to do a “Blog in Review” post to look at the most popular stories of the year. Maybe this will help me see what types of posts you’d like to see more of…

1. Palmetto Pride: The #1 blog post was … a look at the palmetto tree mailbox posts in the neighborhood. An interesting choice for most popular post, don’t you think? If this is something you’re actually interested in, you’re in luck. I can do more of these! In fact, the second installment has already run.
2. Nikki’s Boxes: Nikki will be so pleased that she was the subject of the #2 post. However, she’s a year old now and doesn’t chew up nearly as many things as she used to. So I’m hoping that I won’t be posting too many more stories like this. But if reading about Nikki chewing up things is something that truly interests you, you can read this newer post and then we’ll all move on.
3. Two and a Half Squid: Yes, this post was about exactly what it says it is — two and a half squid that washed ashore at Pawleys Island. Tell me. Is this really what you want to see more posts about? Hmmm.
4. Down Girl and Sit — on Sale: I’m surprised that a blatantly self-promotional post about my Down Girl and Sit chapter book series made the Top Ten. The promotion is over now, but perhaps there will be new promotions in the new year.
5. The Case of the Disappearing Whelks: Yay! This is the first of three Nancy Drew posts that made the Top Ten. This one was about the mystery at the heart of The Clue in the Crumbling Wall and the most interesting “treasure” in the whole series.
6. “I Forgot One,” She Chided Herself: This post took a look at one of the Nancy Drew-isms that happily permeate the series.
7. Coasting: The South Carolina coast is one of my favorite places in the world, and this post took a look (Literally! With photos!) at some of the things I saw this summer.
8. Amelia Island: Here’s a look at another of my favorite places — Amelia Island, Florida. Natural beauty, wildlife, pirates … this island has it all.
9. No Fishing: I must admit that it surprises me to see a post about the neighorhood “no fishing” signs make the Top Ten. It’s an odd choice, don’t you think? But, then again, pretty much everything I blog about is odd.
10.Camp Counselor vs. Insurance Salesman: The Top Ten finishes up with one more Nancy Drew post. This one looks at possible career paths for her “special friend” Ned Nickerson.

Thanks for reading! I’ll take your interests into consideration when I blog again in the new year. Let’s see…maybe a post about a mysterious island populated by squids, whelks, a wild puppy and an insurance salesman. Oh, and covered with palmetto trees. Or palmetto tree mailboxes.

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