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Ghost of Blackwood Hall Cover

“If I ever try to solve a mystery with a ghost in it, I’ll use a smart cat to help me!” Nancy Drew remarked laughingly. “Cats aren’t afraid of ghosts. Did you know that, Togo?”

And so The Ghost of Blackwood Hall begins — with Nancy Drew talking to her dog.

Laying aside the book of exciting ghost stories which she had been reading, the slim, titian-haired girl reached down to pat Togo, her fox terrier. But, as if startled or annoyed by her words, he scrambled up and began to bark.

OK, I’m going to go with the “annoyed by her words” theory. I mean, Nancy just dissed Togo. For a cat! (And for the record, this mystery does involve a ghost. And Nancy never did obtain a cat — smart or otherwise.)

Usually I think Nancy can do no wrong. But I have to agree with Togo on this one. At least Hannah Gruen and Nancy’s chums show Togo some respect. When Nancy goes missing, Hannah, Bess and George take Togo out to the woods to see if he can find Nancy.

Suddenly the little dog struck off for some underbrush and began barking excitedly.

“Togo’s found something!” Bess exclaimed, following George, who was parting the bushes that separated them from the dog.

George uttered a startled exclamation as she came upon Nancy stretched out on the ground only a few feet away. Togo was licking his mistress’s face as if begging her to regain consciousness.

Just as Hannah Gruen reached the spot, Nancy stirred and sat up. Seeing her dog, she reached over in a dazed sort of way to pat him.

“Hello, Togo,” she mumbled. “Who– How did you get here? Where am I?”

Where are you? You’re in the woods being rescued by your dog.That’s where you are.

I’d like to see a cat do that. Hmpf.

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