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Nikki waiting under chair

Nikki with a ball is a picture of pure joy. She loves her balls so much she could — and does — chase them for hours.

First, she drops her ball. Then she dashes out into the yard and waits under a chair for me to throw it to her. The anticipation is palpable.

But here’s the thing…

She doesn’t always drop her ball where I can find it. She used to drop it at my feet. Then she started dropping it beside my chair. Then she started dropping it behind my chair. And now, I have to hunt for it. Since I often work on the back porch, that ball could be anywhere.

While I am hunting, Nikki is waiting excitedly under her lawn chair. At least she’s patient, because here are some of the most unhelpful places I’ve found her ball so far:

  • Behind the curtains in the den
  • In the kitchen by her waterbowl
  • In the kitchen in her waterbowl
  • In the toilet
  • Out the back door, at the foot of the steps
  • Around the corner, by the side gate
  • Over the wall, down the slope, through the trees and against the back fence.

And all the while, Nikki is sitting under that lawn chair, just waiting.

So where is the #1 most unhelpful place Nikki leaves her ball while she is waiting under the chair for me to throw it?

  • In her mouth.

Nikki under chair with ball

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