Happy Doughnut Day!

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It’s the first Friday in June, so that means it’s time again for National Doughnut Day.

I know two dogs who are very happy about that: Down Girl and Sit. (Yes, I know they’re not real. Just humor me.)

Down Girl & Sit illustrationIn On the Road, their masters pack a bag of doughnuts for a trip to the beach. But naturally Down Girl ends up with them, leaving her with a big decision to make.

And so, in honor of National Doughnut Day, a dramatic reading:

“Some dogs feel the call of the sea, but not us. We felt the call of doughnuts.

Sit and I nosed through our masters’ bags. We found the doughnuts. There were only two. Should we eat them?

Hmm. There were two dogs, two masters, and two doughnuts. That sounded about right.

Thank goodness dogs don’t know math. That makes all our decisions easy.

We ate the doughnuts.”

All illustrations by Mike Reed.

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