It’s a Nikki-versary!

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One year ago, we brought Nikki home—and look at her now! We’ve managed to survive a full year with this little rascal, although several pairs of socks, a washcloth and many, many ponytail holders did not. Happy anniversary, Nikki!

Unacceptable Behavior

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So what has Nikki torn up now? That would be my daughter’s school Code of Conduct booklet. You know, the one that lists inappropriate behavior. The one that lists offenses that could result in suspensions from one to ten days, … Continued

A Dog Party!

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You’re almost there! Stop at that tree. Climb that ladder to … a dog party! That’s the ending to P.D. Eastman’s classic Go, Dog, Go! (Oops, perhaps I should have put a spoiler alert before that.) Anyway, have you ever … Continued


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“If I ever try to solve a mystery with a ghost in it, I’ll use a smart cat to help me!” Nancy Drew remarked laughingly. “Cats aren’t afraid of ghosts. Did you know that, Togo?” And so The Ghost of … Continued


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Nikki with a ball is a picture of pure joy. She loves her balls so much she could — and does — chase them for hours. First, she drops her ball. Then she dashes out into the yard and waits … Continued

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