Oh, It’s Marcelle!

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The last turtle in our backyard to enter the Turtle Relocation Program was Turtle #12. Turtle #13 evaded capture and is still lurking out there somewhere…

I did not take a picture of Turtle #14. I thought that would be quite rude of me, since she was busy laying eggs at the time. (Thereby ensuring we should have plenty of turtle sightings in the backyard for years to come!) So, Turtle #14 might actually have been Turtle #13. Hmmmm.

Anyway, Nikki has either turned into a very unobservant dog (a distinct possibility) or has decided that turtles are not her cup of tea, since she has stopped bringing them into the house. And that means I have be able to halt the Turtle Relocation Program, since they no longer seem to be in imminent danger.

Which brings us to Turtle #15. Which might actually be Turtle #14. Or even Turtle #13. Which is getting very confusing…

So we decided it was time to name this one. My daughter promptly named it Marcelle.

Why? Because it looked like a Marcelle.

So there you go.

And Marcelle will be easy for us to recognize in the future. See the distinctive “Oh” on her shell?

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