Creek Shoes

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Tennis ShoesAt Pawleys Island, my family and I have a treasured stash of creek shoes. Over the years, any pair of tennis shoes that is too small, too old or just too ugly ends up in the creek shoe basket.

What is a creek shoe, you ask? These are the shoes that we wear out in the inlet to protect our feet from oyster shells. We wear them to go floating, or exploring or, most especially, to go crabbing. You just can’t go for a walk in the inlet without them. (Except, of course, when one is sucked off by the pluff mud. But even then, you hop around on one foot until the shoe is safely back on.)

The magical creek shoe basket seems to produce a never-ending supply. Here are some of the latest shoes that went for a walk in the creek last week. Look familiar?

I tweeted about the smallest pair this winter when they were brand new.

Shoes. The stuff of memories.

Very muddy memories.

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