Horses in the Neighborhood

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By the time I was born, this neighborhood was already well-established. But 20 years earlier, a neighbor’s friends asked why he had moved out to the country. There were horses in the neighborhood then, he said.

Of course, there were horses in the neighborhood when I was young, too. Well, I’m not sure that’s quite true. I don’t know exactly where the horses lived, but occasionally people would ride them through the neighborhood. I used to love the sound of their hooves, clip-clopping down the paved streets.

When I was very little, the house two doors down still had an old, decrepit stable in the backyard, but I wasn’t allowed to go near it. And I’m told there used to be several riding academies in the neighborhood. But that was all long ago.

Today, the equine influence shows up in our neighborhood the same ways it does in every other neighborhood.

In mailbox posts.

Oh, and in giant horse statues.

Horse Statue

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