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“Hypers, Nancy, I don’t know how to talk to a doctor of archaeology.”

Any avid Nancy Drew fan will know exactly who said that in The Clue of the Black Keys. It’s George, and she’s using her favorite expression. How do we know it’s her favorite expression? Well, first of all, she uses it excessively. And second, author Carolyn Keene repeatedly tells us so.

“Hypers!” George exclaimed, using her favorite expression. “We found the hijackers!” (Old Stagecoach)

“Hypers!” said George, using one of her pet expressions. “You slay me!” (Leaning Chimney)

“Hypers!” George cried, using her favorite expletive. “It worked.” (Haunted Showboat)

Yes, “Hypers” is indeed one of George’s favorite expressions. Maybe that’s because it’s so versatile and can be uttered in so many different ways. Just look at all the possible speech tags.

“Hypers! Look at me! I’m a mess!” George cried out. (Crumbling Wall)
“Hypers!” George whistled. “So you’re calling him Chuck already?” (Ski Jump)
“Hypers!” George breathed. “Who locked you in here?” (Wooden Lady)
George hooted. “Hypers! He’s no artist, Nancy.” (Wooden Lady)
George burst out, “Hypers, Nancy, I’ve just about had heart failure.” (Black Keys)
“Hypers! Why didn’t you call me?” George demanded. (Wooden Lady)
“Hypers, I can hardly wait to go,” George remarked. (Golden Pavilion)
“Hypers! Nancy, it’s too early in the day for riddles,” George complained. (Ski Jump)
“Hypers, Nancy,” she scolded, “you do get mixed up with the strangest characters.” (Black keys)

“Hypers!” might seem like a simple expression–but it can be used to convey so many different emotions:

“Hypers!” George cried in disbelief. (Leaning Chimney)
“Hypers!” cried George in disgust. (Moonstone Castle)
“Hypers, this is a record for buying a car!” she said, laughing. (Hidden Window)

If you want to shout “Hypers!” out loud, you can. But you don’t have to. You can even think it loudly:

“Hypers!” George thought in despair. “Now what’ll I do. Nancy’s done a disappearing act, and I’m stranded here without any clothes!” (Crumbling Wall)

“Hypers!” is such a simple word, you can easily say it while doing other things:

“Hypers!” George exclaimed as she gazed at the colorful pictures of mosques and caiques. (Mysterious Mannequin)
“Hypers!” George exclaimed as she scrambled to her feet and rubbed her knee. (Old Album)
“Hypers!” George cried, rubbing her hands together gleefully. (Crossword Cipher)

Now, lest you’re thinking George is a one-note character, be prepared for George to occasionally mix things up:

Bess’s eyes grew wide with astonishment and George said “Gosh!” and “Hypers!” several times. (Leaning Chimney)

Yes, George is good for a surprise or two. In The Phantom of Pine Hill, George finds out a stolen coin is worth $2500. That’s certainly worth a “Hypers!” or two. But what does George say?

Wait for it…wait for it…

“Good night!” George exclaimed.

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