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One of the most iconic symbols of fall is the scarecrow.

My family sees scarecrows at all the happy places we go in the fall: apple orchards, pumpkin patches, harvest festivals. A couple of years ago, we even made our own scarecrow, adding a bright sunflower as a cheery accessory.

Here are some of the scarecrows in my life.

And here are the scarecrows in Nancy Drew’s life.

Nancy reached the sagging bridge where the old scarecrow, wet and tattered, was dancing wildly in the wind. It seemed more ghost-like than ever, and as the girl hurried past, the spindly “arms” entwined themselves about her body.


I don’t want to leave you with that image from The Haunted Bridge. Neither does Nancy, apparently. After a happy conclusion to the mystery, with old lovers reunited, the scarecrow suddenly seems much more benevolent.

Single file the young people trooped over the bridge, feeling a trifle blue to think that their fine adventure had ended. But their spirits lifted and there was general laughter when Nancy, who came last, paused to shake the limp arm of the flapping scarecrow.

“Good-bye, old Mr. Ghost!” she addressed him gaily. “A million thanks for a very pleasant mystery!”


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