A Dog Party!

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You’re almost there! Stop at that tree. Climb that ladder to … a dog party! That’s the ending to P.D. Eastman’s classic Go, Dog, Go! (Oops, perhaps I should have put a spoiler alert before that.) Anyway, have you ever … Continued

Meet the Pumpkins

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This is a Throwback Thursday post to the year when Daughter #1 was four and decided to name our Halloween pumpkins. Meet Rainbow, White Sunshine and Orange Love. Given those names, you might think my daughter dressed up as a … Continued


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“If I ever try to solve a mystery with a ghost in it, I’ll use a smart cat to help me!” Nancy Drew remarked laughingly. “Cats aren’t afraid of ghosts. Did you know that, Togo?” And so The Ghost of … Continued

Spend it All…

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There are several pieces of writing advice that I find myself returning to again and again, and this quote from Annie Dillard is something I’ve been reminding myself of lately. One of the few things I know about writing is … Continued

Turtle #8

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Yes, Nikki brought yet another turtle into the house. And yes, he quickly entered the Turtle Relocation Program as Turtle #8. Isn’t it about time for these things to start hibernating?

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